Allergy Products - Mercia's Personal Wishlist!

We had a family wedding recently and my husband was at a loss at what to give a relative as a gift in a second marriage. We did not know their taste and knew they already had a house with most of what they needed. So we gave them a gift certificate to I created a coupon code and inserted the code into an electronic card I chose from Blue Mountain Arts ( As I told my husband, our store has some extraordinarily useful or beautiful things, so I could not imagine that they would not find something they liked. The bride and groom were thrilled with their choices which included So if you want to give a successful gift this summer to friends and relatives consider a to our store!
Primaloft pillows:

Like all good store owners, I use our own products. We added an IQAir Healthpro Plus air purifier to the office recently, for the benefit of a new employee who has severe allergies. I swear the air even smells better and our new guy is symptom free. FYI, we recently tested the IQAir as to its efficiency and could not believe it when the outflow registered zero on the particulate monitor. We have our IQAir purifier programmed to go on high at night during off office hours, and run on the third speed during the daytime. That way, we give it a heavy dose of air cleaning at night.

IQAir air purifier:
So what is on my own wish list in the store? What if I was getting married again? Our members are always asking what I use or want to buy myself. So here goes. One of my employees asked me if I want to sell her my and buy the new This is called vacuum cleaner pampering. We have a in the house which my cleaning lady loves, but I prefer a canister instead of all that lengthy central hose. The Silver Moon is the slickest vacuum that Miele has ever created. Yes, I do want it.
Miele Silver Moon vacuum cleaner:
Eureka central vacuum cleaner: