Allergy Products Reviews Bedding such as dust mite covers and duvet covers, in addition to dehumidifiers and air purifiers. Mercia Tapping

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A. Cottonfresh Organic dust mite mattress and boxspring and duvet covers. We have been promising these to you for a long time. Exclusive to and shipped from Europe these are the encasings I use on my own bed. They are finer and softer than anything else we carry. These are our best grade of dust mite encasings.

B. 100% cotton Long twin dust mite encasings. Specially for "back to school", this hard to find size is now in stock.

C. Royal-pedic Mattress pads. We recommend that a separate mattress pad as preferable to a pillowtop mattress. Why? Because that way your sheets will continue to fit. We have organic mattress pads too.

D. Royal-Pedic organic mattresses. We have been selling these a while now. They are perfect for Multiple Chemical Sufferers and a very high quality product.