Anthrax and home protection Even with best air filtration, Anthrax spores may not reach hepa filter

Many of you are confused about the threat that Anthrax poses, now that Anthrax cases seem to be cropping up like mushrooms. The current type of cutaneous anthrax coming through the mail right now, is not as deadly as airborne anthrax and can be treated effectively with antibiotics. Airborne anthrax is more dangerous, all the more so as we might have no warning that a mass attack has occurred.

It is my opinion, that over and above hyper vigilance, we as individuals have only a very limited amount of preventative actions at our disposal. This is really a matter of government intervention to make sure there are enough antibiotics and vaccines on hand.
The ugly truth is that we could contract airborne or cutaneous bacterial and viral infections, any time or any place. Can your own home be one of the "safest" places? Yes, but who wants to be confined to their home all the time?
And, as Frank Hammes' article below makes so clear, nothing is guaranteed. I have been explaining to people all this last month, that even the best air filtration machines such as IQAir, fail to give full protection if the spores fail to reach the machine.
A useful link giving you the basics about anthrax is below.