April Shower Crystal Ball Bath Water Filter APCB

April Shower Crystal Ball Bath Filter APCB by NewMarket Naturals works great for purifying water for hot tubs, and spas. Simply hang the ball from its 12-inch cord over the tub spigot, allowing the water to splash over it while the tub is filling. Once the bath is drawn, remove it from the spigot and, holding the attached cord, swirl it through the water for 2-3 minutes to complete the process.
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Easy to install
Provides pure clean water

Works for hot tubs or spas
Removes chlorine 98.9%, chloramines, rust water, sulfur smell and odors
Patented high-performance filtration media: KDF-73? Filament (copper-zinc) and virgin quartz crystals
Quartz crytals for water softening
Fast Working replaceable sachet
Reduces scale build-up on tiles
pH balances the water and enhances lathering
Great for bathing babies
Requires no plumbing hook-up or tools
Attractive pearlized housing opens for easy replacement of filtration media
Replaceable media pouch lasts 300 baths or 1 year