April Shower Hand-Held Water Filter model APHH

April Shower Euro Hand-Held Water Filter model APHH by NewMarket Naturals is an excellent filter for seniors, infants, and children. The APHH Shower filter removes chlorine and other chemicals from the shower, provides a chlorine-free waterfall that can help your skin healthier, softer skin, silkier and healthy hair. The Shower filter spray head is adjustable and has 3 showerhead with pulse massage
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Pure clean water
Removes Chlorine

Dimensions: Handle and showerhead 10"long x 1.5" dia.
Hose: Flexible 6 feet long
Weight 1.75 lbs
Cartridge: 6" long x 1 dia., ABS plastic
Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass
pH balances the water
Versatile with stationary or handheld positions
Increases shower height by 10 inches
Adjusts to various heights and angles
Perfect for seated showers or bathing children
Adjustable spray head with 3 showerhead with pulse massage
Replaceable/reversible cartridge, lasts 3-6 months (depending on water quality)
6-ft. duro-flex hose with lightweight handle
Chromed holding bracket that easily attaches to shower arm without tools
Removes: 98.9% chlorine, hydrongen sulfide, iron oxide rust water,odors and trances of heavy metals
Filter Media: KDF-55? (copper-zinc) and 3 1/3oz. Chlorgon? (mineral salts)2/3oz.
Flow Rate: 2.25 gpm