Asbestos Clean-up Air quality issues with asbestos dust removal

The following are excellent links for advice about asbestos dust removal for New City Residents. We are getting a number of calls around apartment clean up steps in the vicinity of the World Trade Center. Quite frankly, given the carcinogenic nature of asbestos, I would prefer that the first level of clean up to be done by a professional clean up company and you make a claim on your insurance. Please do not think that any residential hepa vacuum cleaner is up to the job - the biggest mistake we hear people making. You need a commercial level vacuum cleaner with a cloth bag.

If you are also using a heavy duty hepa air filter such as IQAir, please also be aware that you will go through pre-filters much faster than usual.
If you want some advice, our staff is happy to assist, both in their time and we will help you out financially. In the meantime, here are some excellent links about asbestos removal.