Asthma - the real cause by Richard Pressinger, M.Ed., Chem-Tox Research

The largest cause of asthma is a damaged immune system which is then not able to handle dust mites and other "triggers." Dust mite allergies and asthmatic reactions are only a symptom of what happens when the immune system is damaged. You can thank our myriad of petroleum based chemicals for causing a relentless wear and tear on the 200 genes (out of 100,000) inside our cells responsible for controlling the immune system.

When it has been shown* that 15% of all homes built before 1988 have worrisome air levels of the pesticide chlordane with dioxin containing vehicle exhaust and petroleum based fragrance products - etc. it should come as no surprise that a child's immune system can't handle exposure to dust mites and other allergens and triggers which are innocuous to everyone else.