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  • Pro HEPA filtration removes air impurities as small as 0.1 microns including smoke and pet dander
  • 5-stage filtration system
  • 3 speed fan
  • Separate ionizer control
  • Special indicator alerts you when filters need changing
Customer Reviews:
  • Truly superior product... Worth its weight in gold!!!
    Around late spring of 1984, I had just completed a bathroom addition and developed awful allegies... rashes on my arms, red eyes, other very serious maladies; I almost couldn't go to work. I took two serious of spot allegy / dermatology series tests all to no avail. Then our nurse at work suggested why not trying a first rate ionizing air machine. I bougt the Bionaire BT 1000, actually an industrial grade machine. Within 48 hours, I was getting better. I AM A BELIEVER in these things. I had another for my daughter and she benefited quite well also. I had not gotten a cold or the flu for 7 plus years until my Bionaire LC 1460 in my bedroom brought down about 3-4 weeks ago; sure enough I got a bad cold while mine was under repair.

    These things work! They clean the air; I would not live without one. Just think --- for 8 hours per day (at night while you sleep) perfectly cleaned air. This is no malarky. I became the expert at work on these things and numerous persons also got well using the Bionaire machines. One guy, who lived near U.S. 1 in Crystal City (Arlington) had so much dirt fall out of the air onto his tv set, he couldn't even see the picture.

    Buy one, you will not be sorry; and you may not wish to live without one the rest of your life.
    Allen / Arlington, VA...more info

  • Can Breathe/Can't Hear
    The Bionaire LC 1460 cleans the air quite well in an average sized room (12 X 12) and in about 10 minutes. The noise level, however,
    is annoying and interferes with TV or radio. If cigarette smoke is the problem, the Hepa filters last only about a month and then begin to spew out a stale smoke odor. Suspect this air purifier might be fine for cooking or other non-smoke related odors....more info