Bemis 821-000 Digital Control Evaporative Console Humidifier

Customer Reviews:
  • Rattling sound is unbearable
    This humidifier is convenient to refill, easy to use. The problem is that the fan/motor rattles most of the time, and the noise is unbearable. The rattle persists on both low and high speeds. When the rattling stops, the sound is very tolerable, but the quiet does not last. Moving the unit from tile to linoleum made no difference. The Sears models are much quieter.

    Another problem is that the filter was in place rather than in a sterile package, so it was dirty on arrival. ...more info
  • Still love it 4 years later
    I bought mine 4 years ago and still works like a charm. I have no trouble with the low setting putting all 6 gallons into the air. Usually takes 24 hours. Yes the hi setting is loud, but not as bothersome as the dry air. I turn it on hi during the day when I need the moisture fast. About the first time I start it up is the only time I really use the hi. Other than that we keep up with it daily and leave it on low. The digital gauge is wonderful. It keeps very close with the humidity monitors I have all over the house. I'm not sure it carries the 1700SF it claims to, as we run 3 smaller units elsewhere in the house. I will most certainly buy another though when this one dies. ...more info
  • Very disappointing
    I had been searching for a humidifier (or humidifiers) for my 1900 SF house, and was excited when I came across this model, as it was compact and not ugly like the console humidifiers I have seen. Floor space in my house is somewhat limited, so I liked the fact that its upright design would allow flexibility in placement. Also, I'd had good luck with Bemis in the past (had two H12 console units, in black, which for some reason Bemis no longer offers), so I thought I'd give this a try. My intent was to order a second one if it worked well, since the output ratings on humidifiers are generally quite overstated and I knew I would need more capacity.

    What a disappointment! The unit only has two speeds, and the high speed is LOUD. Now, I know that in order to put a lot of moisture in the air you have to have a pretty good fan blower, but this was ridiculous. Much louder than the H12 I'd had before. Also, the humidity setting only scrolls up, so you have to cycle all the way through to get back to the lowest setting. I guess that's really more of a minor annoyance, but it was disappointing nonetheless.

    But the real problem was that the unit just plain didn't add moisture to the air. We left it running all night, and barely any water had evaporated by the next morning. In looking at the unit further, there is a major design flaw- unlike most humidifiers, which draw air into the unit through the wick (where it then picks up moisture), in this model the air is drawn in near the top, and also expelled at the top, while the wick is lower in the unit, so the majority of air just bypasses the wick.

    I am returning this unit, and will have to bite the bullet and purchase another H12 console unit. I already own a Honeywell HCM-300T, but it's only rated 3 gallons per day and used in my bedroom at night. I am waiting for it to "die" because I don't like the fact that the cold air blows out of the BOTTOM of the unit, making an unpleasant draft on the floor. I did consider the Honeywell 6011i but don't like the fact that it has two water bottles (less convenient), and also the air blows out the side rather than the top. Bemis will get my business after all, but I can't believe they produced an inferior model like this....more info
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Product Description

With the power to humidify an entire 1,700-square-foot house, this model’s bulk is quite economical. Plus, a special air-flow system lets you stow it out of the way in a corner or against a wall. Using an evaporative system and unheated, natural, evaporated water, this humidifier requires less energy than warm mist or steam units. You also won’t have to deal with white dust, spray, or mist on furniture or floors. Other benefits of the evaporative system include: relief from symptoms of dry skin, itchy eyes, chapped lips, and scratchy throat; it prevents plants and furniture from becoming overly dry; reduced static electricity protects computers and electronics. Its water reservoir holds and disperses up to 8 gallons of water per day into the air, and refills easily and neatly via a removable grill on the unit’s top. A digital humidistat makes it easy to set a preferred humidity. The humidistat also automatically turns itself on and off to maintain the set humidity level, displaying both current and desired humidity levels, at all times, on the LCD. In addition, the humidifier’s fan offers two settings--low and high--and has power and water refill indicator lights. Measuring 18 by 12-1/2 by 21 inches, this model even has casters on its base, so it easily rolls from room to room. Bemis covers this unit under a one-year limited warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Humidifies 1,700 square feet; 8 gallons of output per day
  • Evaporative system uses natural humidity; no white dust
  • Digital humidistat for precise humidity control
  • Easy front-filling water reservoir; 2-speed fan
  • Rolling casters; 1-year limited warranty