Bemis Carbon Prefilters 2 pk 1102

Bemis Carbon Prefilters 2 pk 1102

This Bemis Electrostatic Carbon pre-filter 1102 is designed to work together with the Bemis True HEPA Filter. The pre-filter enhances air purity, absorbs odors and extends the life of the True HEPA Filter. Reduces or eliminates pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, dust mites, and molds.

When should you change filters? FilterWatch? lets you know:
Look for the red light: Your Bemis True HEPA Air Purification System features the exclusive FilterWatch Sensor. FilterWatch accurately monitors your filter's condition. When one or both filters become blocked, FilterWatch alerts you with a bright red light - taking the guesswork out of filter replacement.

Test your filter periodically: FilterWatch operates on your unit's High setting. If you typically run your air purifier at a lower speed, test the unit periodically by setting it on High for at least 30 minutes. If the red light appears, it is time to replace the Pre-Filters and check the condition of the HEPA filters.

  • Genuine Bemis Original Equipment.
  • Contains two replacement pre-filters
  • For use with Bemis True HEPA Air Purification System #200-001.

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