Bemis MEGA Air Purifier Filter 1301

Bemis MEGA Air Purifier Filter 1301

Replacement Filter 1301 for Bemis Model #129-900 M.E.G.A. Air Purifier. Genuine Bemis Original Equipment.

The Bemis Indoor Odor and Allergen Removal System:
Offers relief from harmful gasses, odors, and airborne allergens. MEGA beats HEPA for odor control:

  • Pet Odors: Reduce or eliminate offensive smells, from litter-box odor to wet fur, and enjoy your pets more.
  • Smoking Odors: Smoke can contain compounds that are strong irritants as well as those known to cause cancer. Reduce these dangerous pollutants in indoor air with the MEGA system.
  • Cooking Odors: Enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about pollutants from grilling and frying or unpleasant cooking odors.
  • Household Gaseous Odors: Cleaning products, aerosol sprays, paint thinners, glues and adhesives are just a few of the common household products that emit VOC pollutants.
Easy to change Filters:
The highly effective carbon used in the Bemis MEGA system is embedded in a filter that easily slips into the bottom of the unit. There's nothing to take apart and absolutely no mess!

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