Bemis MEGA Indoor Odor Removal System 129-900

Bemis MEGA Indoor Odor Removal System 129-900

MEGA stands for Maximum Efficiency Gas Adsorption. Ideal for odor and allergen removal in spaces up to 14'x16'.

The Bemis MEGA System has been designed to filter out contaminants from the air. When indoor gases and odors are drawn into the air purifier, they are captured by the activated carbon surface. Additionally, the MEGA filter is imbedded in a high grade particulate filter which effectively captures all airborne allergens out of the air that passes through the MEGA air purifier.

Features of the MEGA Odor and Allergen Removal System:

  • Quiet, three speed fan.
  • Special High-Grade Activated Carbon Filter: Filters out contaminants - gases and odors actually stick to the surface.
  • More Effective than Competing Systems: 200 to 300 % better than competitive odor removal devices. Performance is based on testing by an independent test laboratory to challenges of Toluene and Ammonia gases, which represent basic chemical and organic odors.
  • High Grade Particulate Filtration: Filters airborne allergens, which pass through the filter.
  • Quick and Easy Filter Changing: Filters can be slipped into the bottom of the unit - there's nothing to take apart.
  • Compact, Goes-Anywhere Design: Blends with any decor, fits in confined areas easily -- even on bookcases or tabletops.
  • Five-year limited warranty.

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Bemis MEGA Air Purifier Filter 1301

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