Big Blue Air Ball Ozone Generator

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  • Excellent! Kills odors!
    The Air Ball solved my odor problem! I previously tried plug-in air fresheners, but all they do is stink up my apartment with their obnoxious scent. I also bought an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier (more expensive than the Air Ball), which performs alright, but is not meant to fight strong odors.

    At its low setting, the Air Ball releases .02 ppm ozone, which is perfectly fine for dealing with most odors without having to worry about adverse health effects. The higher setting releases .06 ppm ozone. For comparison, the Food and Drug Administration says .05 ppm is a safe level for 24-hour-a-day inhalation....more info
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Product Description

For air purification in grow rooms, as well as kitchens, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, hotel rooms, and other small to medium-sized areas. The Air Ball is a corona discharge ozone generator which removes odors caused by organic nutrients and plants, as well as food, beverages, tobacco smoke, mold, mildew and other elements. It's energy efficient, using only 6 watts. Its closest competitor uses 10 times that amount! Don't let the small size fool you - the Air Ball is as effective in treating odors as the UVONAIR+, the Air Tiger 1 and the Silver Bullet, and at a lower price. The Air Ball plugs into a standard outlet using the supplied AC adapter. The unit offers two settings, low and high, to adjust the duration of time that ozone is produced. In the "low" setting, the unit will produce ozone for one minute every ten minutes. In the "high" setting, the unit will produce ozone for three minutes every ten minutes. Simply turn the unit on and set it to low or high depending on your air purification needs. Product Specifications: Electrical: 120VAC; 6W (wall plug adapter w/DC connector), Cabinet: Plastic enclosure, On-Off switch, High-Low switch, indicator light, DC connector, wall mounting keyhole. 4.3" diameter x 3.3" tall. Dispersion: Internal fan. Warranty: 1-year. Ozone Output: Hi: .06ppm .018 gr/hr; Lo: .02ppm .006gr/hr