Bionaire 900 Replacement Humidifier Wick Filter

Customer Reviews:
    I received off brand replacement wicks although the company clearly advertised Bionaire Brand wicks for sale. Upon receipt I notified the company that I did not want the off brand wicks. The company advised that I could return them for a refund. I requested that they have them picked up or provide a prepaid mailer. I received no response, however they did issue a refund through Amazon. I notified Amazon that the company is misrepresenting their product by advertising Bionaire brand wicks including a photo of the Bionaire product in the offer. The company is still doing so!! Apparently Amazon does not care. I notified Amazon and received no response. As of 11/11/08, over a month later the misrepresentation continues! Dissapointing and illegal....more info
  • Plastic Frames are available
    This filter is still a good buy if you have one of these console humidifiers. The graphic is wrong. However, if you tossed the plastic frames out, I found a source called Appliance Factory Parts, part PCC0060.
    You can then use this frame with these filters.
    ...more info
  • Not what I thought
    Not what I thought I was getting. The add picture is incorrect and misleading. I wanted the frame as I threw out the old one. I would have ordered a different wick from a different company, there were some just like this that were cheaper....more info
  • wrong product number
    I ordered what my humidifier stated I needed to replace the filter,
    but what I recieved was not the right filter....more info
  • Misleading picture
    The ad graphic shows that you are getting a genuine Bionaire wick with the plastic frame, when in fact they send you a knockoff made by RPS Products called HumidiWICK (part number CBW9) with no frame. Very misleading ad, I'm not happy about it at all. Ad totally makes you think you are getting the real thing and does not hint about it at all that you get a cheap substitute. Buyer beware of this seller, Allergy Be Gone, they misrepresent their product....more info
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Product Description

Humidifier filters should be replaced at the start of the season of use and about every two to four weeks depending on usage and water hardness. Always remove the filter when cleaning your humidifier.

  • Fits Bionaire models W0210, W0305, W0310, W2, W2S, W6, W6S, W7, W9, W9H, W9S.
  • Large surface area for high output capacity and maximum humidification
  • Honeycomb filtration to trap mineral pollutants in water and prevent them from entering your home
  • Innovative "wicking action" that naturally humidifies your home without messy white dust