Biozone Air Purifier - Great New Discovery Helps You Breath Easier

If you are in the market for biozone air purifier, you have probably seen many different
models and brands, wondering what the difference is between them. While air purifiers may seem similar on the outside, they can in fact vary considerably in their effectiveness. Each of our air purifiers is equipped with RGF Photohydroionization technology, which utilizes safe low level ozone, super oxide ions, hydro peroxides, hydroxides, ozonide ions and uv light targeted on a hydrated quad-metallic target. Using this knowledge, our air purifiers can easily and safely remove a wide range of airborne substances, including dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander. Additionally, our biozone air purifiers remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from things such as cleaners and paint. Most other filters on the market today do not deal with VOCs, while our air purifiers safely eliminates them from your surrounding. This technology also allows these air purifiers to treat particles as small as .001 microns, which makes it more effective than air cleaners that utilize HEPA filters.

In studies conducted by the EPA, air pollution inside homes and businesses is America's No. 1 environmental health problem. Ionic air purifiers are thus vitally important in protecting us and those that we love from a number of airborne sicknesses and allergies. It is true that some air purifiers on the market today may be able to remove odors and allergens from your home. However, the benefit of the Vision-RGF, our air purifiers, is that it not only does the as thoroughly as these other machines, but it does it less expensively, quicker, and less destructively.

The air purifiers that we offer are usually half the cost of other systems addressing the same issue, take hours to compete instead of days, and doesn't require the cost of having to remove contents from outside of your home. All of our ionic air purifiers use the same technology, and all of them come in attractive molds that will add beauty to whatever room they are placed in. Whatever need you have regarding air purifiers, we have one that is perfect for you.