Biozone Car Air Purifier 50V Large Unit

Biozone Car Air Purifier 50V Large Unit
Biozone Car Air Purifier 50V Large Unit

Exhaust ? smog ? they?re an inevitable part of your city commute. But they don?t have to become part of your breathing environment. The Biozone car air purifier is specifically designed to eliminate harmful contaminants in your vehicle. Compact enough for personal use, it packs enough power to tackle commercial jobs as well, cleansing the air in small vehicles, limousines, big rigs, and RVs! Convenient Velcro strips let you mount the Biozone vehicle air purifier almost anywhere you can imagine. You?ll also receive a full three-year warranty.

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Photoplasma technology keeps your vehicle smelling fresh
Enjoy healthy air even on the road!
Velcro strips offer multiple mounting options


Purifying Method: photoplasma
Housing Material: ABS
Electric: Units run on 12 VDC; just plug into your cigarette lighter or power receptacle
Dimensions: 3.4" x 1.25" x 5.25"
50 V/100 V
Mount units anywhere with the included Velcro strips
Full 3-year warranty
100 V: limos, larger delivery trucks, big rigs, and small RVs