Black & Decker MR2A Mosquito Halo Replacement Cartridges

Customer Reviews:
  • great mosquito repellant
    I work in my yard almost everyday and sometimes into the evening hours when mosquitos can eat you alive in a rural area. I keep the Mosquito Halo with the scent cartridges nearby and it works wonderfully. I can be as far away as 20 or 30 feet and the scent cartridge still works. Sometimes the mosquitoes find my ankles, but not often -- for that I wear socks. It's the best thing for sitting on the patio in the open air at night and no mosquito bites. I especially like not having to breathe the scent of citronella. ...more info
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  • Inhibits mosquito's ability to detect human scent
  • Lasts 30 days
  • packed in disposable tins.
  • Features 2 scent cartridges