Blueair 601 Air Purifiers Information


Blueair 601 - Information

Several years ago before we began selling Blueair air purifiers, we received occasional calls from people looking for a newly imported product from Sweden called a "Blueair" made by a European company that declared "Clean Air was a Human Right!" Intrigued, we began studying Blueair, talking to people who owned them, and finally meeting with the Swedish company's U.S. team. We ramped up slowly, tested the products, and soon became firm believers in the effectiveness of Blueair products, even though they tend to be on the quiet side. Quiet, though it may be considered by many a virtue, is not a good thing if it means the air purifier is not actually doing any work (S.I.'s Ionic Breeze comes quickly to mind). Blueair's design team incorporated noise reduction in the basic design of its models rather than trying to add sound dampening afterwards.

The Blueair 501 has been a staple of the ClearFlite line for a long time, particularly appealing to our business customers who often use it in executive offices. We were very happy to hear of the advent of a more powerful model: the Blueair 601 which added an extra 179 square feet to the room cleaning size of the 501 making the 601 capable of cleaning a total of 679 square feet with six changes per hour. That means a large Family Room nearly 20 x 35 feet could be effectively and quietly cleaned.

Part of our determination of whether or not a product is a keeper is by the number of returns we get. Returns of Blueair products, especially the 601 are very rare. The combination of the filter media Blueair has chosen combined with the encapsulated (that means closed up inside the machine) ion particle charging chamber makes the 601 a truly effective air purifier.

The bacteria-resistant, waterproof polypropylene filters and the activated carbon (for odors and chemicals) integrated in the filters also make it a winner for ClearFlite.

On the lower speeds, the Blueair is astonishingly quiet yet still working. The higher speeds though not "noisy" do make a blowing sound but the flexibility of having three speeds means you can run the unit on high when you're away and on low when you're present. The Blueair 601 is a great product worth the investment and that's why we salute it and the team at Blueair in this month's Product Spotlight.