Blueair Air Cleaner Ratings, Review A breakthrough in air cleaner technology

Seldom do we rave about a product, especially about air cleaners, which we regard as an area of frequent gross misrepresentation and exaggeration. So when we tell you this product is a winner and the best of its type we have seen anywhere, you can bet that is a very strong endorsement from us. The Blueair air cleaner review follows:


1. Sleek Styling. Most air cleaners are plain ugly and by preference you'd want to hide them somewhere. This air cleaner has contemporary sleek Swedish styling, a refreshing change. Cream colored for blending with most furnishings.
2. Silent. Our biggest complaint about air cleaners is they sound like a train going through your bedroom at night. This air cleaner has four speeds. Even at level three you can hardly hear it. What does this mean to you? This is the only air cleaner we have found which gives more than adequate number of air changes per hour on lower fan speeds. This means you can sleep at night. At level 3 this machine is rated at 200 cfm.
3. Powerful. When the machine is at level 4 high fan speed, it has a 382 CFM rating. What does this mean? It means that put this air cleaner on high speed and it cleans the air of particulate faster than any other machine we have seen in the market place.
4. Economical to run. This air cleaner costs about the same as a 15 to 70 watt lightbulb to run. This means you can run this air cleaner continuously and not be worried about your electricity bill. To put it bluntly most air cleaners cost you a small fortune in electricity - some we have tested, cost almost $300 per year to run!
5. Easy to maintain. When it came to changing the air filters we were astonished. It takes all of 30 seconds at most, with no screwdrivers, no fussing trying to figure out what goes where. What's more you can visually check in seconds if your filter is all clogged up and dirty. If you don't change your filters you cannot expect them to do the job for you. Yet most people never change them or if they do change them way too late. Interim maintenance is simple- just vacuum the inside.
6. Reduces but does not eliminate odors through a good-sized carbon filter. A larger smoke stopfilter is available for aiding in smoke removal.
7. AHAM tested. This air cleaner was independendently tested and ranked first of the 150 products tested.
8. Negative Ionizer. This machine has an internal negative ionizer which means that there is no "black wall effect". This feature also serves to enhance the air cleaning performance of the machine with no ozone production.

Quite honestly these were difficult to find. However, this is not a small air cleaner, and is slightly larger than its competition. While not obtrusive in styling, it takes up space and visual real estate. The following criticism may be unfair as it depends on how much you use the air cleaner (continuously versus seasonally or only at night) - however after about 4,500 hours of continuous use (6 months X 24 hours a day), the 3 filters need replacing at a hefty $99. So, this may be a little unfair as most air filters need replacing more frequently than most users know. Most users are operating machines with ineffective filters but the user does not know it. However, Blueair is committed to their air cleaners operating at peak efficiency.

So, what more is there to say? Not the cheapest option for air cleaning but simply one of the very best choices you can make. We love this machine. This air cleaner truly deserves its five stars and category winner status.

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