Blueair Air Purifiers - Company Information


Blueair Air Purifiers Company Information

Although BlueAir is a company new to the air purifer market, it has already proven itself to be one of the best and most innovative when it comes to the design and effectiveness of air purifiers. BlueAir¡¯s products and designs have quickly become the best in the market and popular among consumers. BlueAir has proven its ability to use updated technology and experiment with cutting edge designs when developing its purifiers. With such comprehension of the importance of technology in design of products, it¡¯s no wonder that BlueAir has risen to the top of the industry in such a short period of time.

BlueAir was developed in Sweden in 1996 and was founded by Bengt Rittri, now president of BlueAir. The company entered the industry with a dedication to clean air for customers dealing with medical conditions such as asthma or allergies. The company developed many products that were put on the market around the world. The company¡¯s products made a name for themselves in the United States by impressing the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers with the quality design of their purifiers. The Association awarded BlueAir with ¡°Best Of Class?for the performance and design of their purifier called the BlueAir 501. This product proved its ability to compete and win in a category with over 172 products from different companies. With award-winning products, BlueAir is a company that will only be growing from its start in 1996.

BlueAir now has headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, Illinois. These cities are the leading cities in air filtering technologies and all show a dedication to clean air. The company still puts most of its work and effort into developing new and smart products to deal with the overwhelming problem of contaminated air. BlueAir takes clean air seriously and strives to keep up the quality of their existing products as well as create new products for the solutions to clean air in everyday homes as well as businesses.

The ¡°Best of Class?for the BlueAir 501 is not the only award BlueAir has been acknowledged for. BlueAir products have won many other awards and have been recognized by newspapers, magazines and other forms of press for their technologically advanced and effective products. It has also been acknowledged in the press for its donations of products. BlueAir has made a name for itself in the industry and around the world for its devotion to clean air.

In August of 2004, the company received the designation of the Energy Star award for all units that are manufactured in the United States. The guideline in order to achieve this designation is for the purifier to be able have a 2.0 Dust CADR to Watt ratio. According to the testing of the BlueAir products, they have the ability to meet and exceed this standard. BlueAir showed consumers they strive to be on top by achieving this award because there are only five other manufacturers so far that have been able to develop their products sufficiently enough to achieve the Energy Star award status. The company is also one of the first manufacturers to be able to receive this ranking for all of the products they have developed and not just a select few of them.