Blueair Air Purifiers - HEPA Purifier

Blueair Air Purifiers - HEPA Purifier
Blueair Air Purifiers

We are an authorized US distributor of Blueair HEPA electrostatic air purifiers made in Sweden. These products are noted for stylish design, high quality construction and low noise levels. While many air purifiers claim to be quiet, these air purifiers utilize two key technology differences to get there. First, the unit uses a combination of electrostatic and HEPA filters. Charging the flow prior to moving it through the filter allows the filter to retain HEPA levels of efficiency without the tightly constricted flow of a typical HEPA unit. In simple terms: the unit breathes easier and is thus able to be quieter. The results are great electrostatic air purifiers that produce high flow with relatively low noise levels. In addition, the optional SmokeStop filter set can turn your unit into great smoke air purifier as well. These units are also made from noise muffling steel to further improve the livability of the system.

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Who needs this purification system: People in search of a quality air purifier for allergy and asthma sufferers are well served by the this line. This is the HEPA for those who are concerned with noise as well as style. This is the most attractive unit on the market as well as one of the quietest.
How they work: The filters in these products are HEPA but with more open pores to allow flow more easily and quietly through the filter. To achieve full HEPA air purifier effectiveness, the unit has internal electrostatic ionizers that charge the flow prior to passing through the filter media. This causes the particles to be attracted to the filter media. The negative ions are filtered out of the flow stream by the activated carbon and tests have shown an actual reduction in ozone.
Smoke Stop Filter Option: For use in smoking environments, Blueair air purifiers are also available with a Smoke Stop filter set making them a great smoke air purifier. These filters are loaded with an extra-heavy amount of activated carbon to absorb the smoke chemicals and particles making these one of the best smoke air purifiers on the market.
Our Rating: These units are truly elegant not only in terms of style but also in terms of efficiency and function. Despite being an electrostatic air purifier, the filter life is a bit short but this is a small price to pay for such quality. Blueair filters have an effective lifespan of 6 months.

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