Breathe-Better Guarantee for IPS air cleaners

It's a great product and I thank you for the time spent during the purchase process, in which IPS helped to educate me on the product's substantial capabilities. - R. Mark, New York

Why should you spend your money on an electronic air cleaner if you do not know for sure that it will make a difference? With Indoor Purification Systems, you do not have to take this risk. Plus, you will not have to pay for shipping. Shipping is free for all IPS air purification systems.
"Let IPS take the risk for you!"

Instead, Indoor Purification Systems will take the risk for you. By purchasing an IPS ion and ozonating air purifier, you have 30 days from the day you receive it to use and evaluate your machine. If you are not completely satisfied with your IPS air purifier, then simply ship it back to IPS.

I was impressed with the customer service. After purchasing the unit and receiving it in the mail, I received a call to see how the unit was working and some tips for placement of the unit. - M. Mai, Nebraska

Indoor Purification Systems is able to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as a result of its high confidence that you will find your IPS electronic air cleaner to be beneficial. History has proven that most people willl be very happy with their machine, and will keep it.
" Easy to return for full refund if not satisfied."

If you are not satisfied with your IPS air purifier though, simply ship it back to Indoor Purification Systems within 30 days after receiving it. Do not worry about the air cleaner arriving to Indoor Purification Systems within your 30-day no-risk period in the unlikely circumstance that you would like to return it. Just make sure it is postmarked by the final day of your 30-day risk-free period.

If you return your air cleaner to Indoor Purification Systems (postmarked by the 30th day of your no-risk period), we will give you a full refund for the amount of your purchase.

If you wish to return your machine, your only cost will be the $5 to $15 (depending on the unit purchased) expense (depending on model and distance) to ship it back to us. There is no restocking fee! This is an extremely small price to pay to find out for sure whether an IPS air purifier is the answer you are searching for to solve or relieve a breathing or odor problem.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive a full refund on returns, you must return the unit in resellable condition with warranty card, instruction manual, and in original packaging.

Keep in mind that it costs IPS much more than it costs you if you decide not to keep it. So the fact that we are able to offer this money-back guarantee tells you that there is a pretty good chance that you will be satisfied with your machine.
"Free Shipping!"

Remember though, you do not have to pay shipping & handling charges for products shipped to you. Shipping is free!

Now that you understand that you have practically nothing to lose with IPS's Breathe-Better Guarantee, you can go to the Air Cleaner Products page if you would like to determine which model will be best for you.

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