Can Air Cleaners Eliminate Radon Q&A Help with radon problem

From: David Barnaby - Allergy Buyers Club

Dear Jill,
A gas filter will be able to take some radon out of the air but no gas filter is efficient enough to eliminate the radon level on its own unless you have a very low level.

The only safe way to take care of radon is through air circulation where fresh air is brought in from the outside and heated if you live in a cold climate and circulated through the room and then directed up through an exhaust vent, usually in the roof. It can be rather expensive but if your radon level is high it is obviously worth it.
Radon will seep through any cracks in the floor and walls of your basement. Having your floor and wall checked for any cracks and having them sealed could greatly help reduce your radon level.
An acceptable reading is below 4 parts per million. You can purchase a radon detector that will continuously measure the radon level for around $75.00. This is very helpful when you are attempting different ways to reduce radon levels. This will allow you to constantly monitor your radon levels without having to waste time and money measuring it with the traditional testing methods.
If you have any questions concerning any of this please feel free to call or respond.

Thank you,
Dave Barnaby