Can My Friedrich Air Purifier Purify The Whole House? Answer by Bob Cobe,


Thanks for your reply - it is hooked up now and seems to be working just fine.......... I bought it just for my bedroom but my husband is so impressed with it, he'd like it aimed at the rest of our small house; 1,100 square feet- do you think that would work?
Mary S.

Any air purifier will work in any amount of space you put it in. The issue is the effectiveness of the purifier in a larger area.
If you had a 25 watt light bulb in a closet, you could probably read a book in the closet; if you took that bulb and used it to illuminate the entire room, it would still give you usable lighting; but if you used it to illuminate an entire floor, the best it would do would be to prevent you from bumping into furniture and walls.
There is another issue to consider. If you were to replace the Friedrich air purifier with a small to medium fan and brought a "smoke pot" over the fan, would it blow smoke into all of the spaces that you want to purify? If the answer is "yes", then it would work, but if you can't blow smoke into all of these areas, then you can't blow clean air either.
You have bought an excellent air purifier - experiment with it. If you were still finding relief in the larger area, then it would work for you. You can always add another air purifier if needed, or just continue to do the bedroom.

Bob Cobe, Staff

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