Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier

The Car Air Ioniser & Purifier makes the air in the car as fresh as a forest.
Helps dispel fatigue, makes driving more comfortable and energetic.

Easy operation: just plug the Car Air Purifier directly into the cigarette lighter socket in the car.

Discharges negative ions to absorb second-hand smoke, odors, clean airborne dust, eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses.
Consistently releases negative ions - more than 2,000,000 per cc
Eliminates static and reduces EMI. Lighter socket lead included with the Car Air Purifier.
The Car Air Purifier uses Piezoelectric ceramic transfer technology to produce a high negative ion concentration but with very low ozone content. Lightweight and no noise.

Quality Approval : ISO9001 CE CEPREI
Technical Specifications for the Car Air Purifier Ioniser

Input voltage: DC12V
Working current : 50mA
Negative ion concentration: ??2,000,000 ions/cm3
Ozone: ??.048ppm
Size: 3.5cm X 12.5cm X 9.5cm
Weight: 86g
Sunday Times 17th April 2005

Q I've heard there are air fresheners that plug into a car's lighter socket. Do they work? ?? DK from Belfast

A These plug-in devices are usually referred to as air purifiers. Instead of pumping out fragrance, they claim to remove dust, smoke and bacteria by ionisation. According to one supplier we spoke to, they pump out negative ions to neutralise positively charged air. When the air is positively charged, it holds dust and microbes ?? cancel out this charge and the dust will, the supplier maintained, drop to the floor. We asked an expert whether the claims were true.

"It is impossible for a positive charge to build up inside a steel cage such as a car," said Dr Jack Barrett, a chemist and adviser to the Scientific Alliance, a body that campaigns for informed scientific debate. "What is more likely is that ions are binding with the dust, creating clumps which are too heavy to remain in the air." So the devices work, if not exactly in the way the supplier claims. Barrett agreed the charge can also kill various airborne bacteria and viruses.