Car air purifier for five-seater vehicles

Car air purifier for five-seater vehicles

Posted : April 06, 2005

India C The latest car air purifier and ionizer from Vichitra Technologies Pvt. Ltd is model E-air, which is suitable for five-seater vehicles.

The model purifies the air circulated inside an air-conditioned vehicle. The product is composed of two units, which are connected to the ignition. Each unit measures 90x40mm and has a start-up rated voltage of 12V. The current rating is <20mA.

The air purifier is said to kill up to 80 percent of bacteria inside the car after one hour of use. It continuously produces a strong, negatively charged ionic field, which can neutralize odors, atmospheric pollutants, bacteria, suspended particles and smoke.

The product has a two-year warranty.

FOB Chennai price is $38 per pair, with a minimum order of 500 pairs. Delivery is within two weeks after receipt of an L/C.

The company accepts OEM orders.

Vichitra Technologies Pvt. Ltd

: (91) 44-24939816

: (91) 44-24936422

Contact Person : Marathurai Srinivasan Kunchitham

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