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From: Sherri

I wasn't able to open your suggestion page for keeping allergies at bay when living with cats. Will you please cut and paste and send it or make another suggestion on how to open this page?

I have a small apartment - very open - and have just "adopted" a second cat. The odor of the litter itself is overwhelming to me (even the clean litter and I've tried several kinds) the dander of course is a second runner up to allergens.
I am searching for a quiet cleaner that will keep the odor under control and allow me to breathe much easier. Suggestions?
thanks. Sherri

The first suggestion I would make about cat litter odor is to buy premium clumping cat litter. I buy EVERCLEAN from Petco at a disgustingly expensive price, after figuring out the supermarket brands are worse than useless. I clean out the clumps on three huge pans on an every other day basis for my two busy Siamese cats.

At home, I use a IQAir Healthpro plus for odor control with great success. Another solution which is less costly ($200 less) and possibly more effective would be the plain carbon Clarifier.We have been using the Clarifier unit in our offices in a room where there used to be a terrible musty odor. The amount of carbon in it would probably last a good long time. My only beef with the Clarifier units is I personally would need one of the guys to change the filter. I am fumble fingered with screwdrivers and have arthritis. I need my husband to open the screw tops on jars for me! Both units have controls to adjust noise levels
This is the link to the previous issue of the newsletter where I revisited how to live with cats.
Good Luck.
Mercia Tapping,

Answer to question on odor control for cats and choosing between the Clarifier and Blueair.
If I had to choose between the and the for odor control of any kind the winner would be the Clarifier unit. Although the Blueair is very quiet, and now the smoke stop filters have more carbon in them, nevertheless the Clarifier is has much more carbon and therefore would be more effective in cat odor. It has an excellent HEPA filter and would also do a first rate job of filtering out the cat allergen.

Good Luck.
Mercia Tapping

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