Ceramic Heater with Remote

Bionaire Ceramic Heater with Remote:
Not your typical room heater, this revolutionary ceramic heater is divided into two stacked units. Instead of heating a room in one direction, this heater, and its dual heating and rotating cubes, can be turned to direct warm air into different areas of the room at the same time. It's 40% quieter than most other ceramic heaters, and is equipped with a new heating element that draws cool air in and exhales warm air without the use of a fan, making it virtually silent when in use. The air heats up, rises and flow out into the room quickly and quietly.

Bionaire is the most distinctive home environment brand in the world. Originated twenty years ago in Montreal, Bionaire has perfected home environment products, and today has a global presence in over thirty countries worldwide. Through visionary technology and marketplace leadership, Bionaire continues to enhance lives by providing superior product designs with tomorrow's technology. (Sku: #200668)


Origin:   China
Material:   Ceramic
Dimensions:   16-in. height x 8-in. width x 8.8-in. depth
Weight:   6.55-lbs.