Chrome Shower Head Hand-Held Water Filter HRH5-CM

NewMarket Naturals Royale Shower Hand-Held Filter Chrome HRH5-CM removes 98.9% chlorine, rust water, sulfur smell and odor that helps you to have healthier skin, and silkie hair. The Royale Shower-Held Filter has a sleek designer styling with wider shower head and 5 spray settings including pulse message. It is a top-of-the line shower filter for seniors and children.

Chrome design with pure clean water
Removes Chlorine

Removes chlorine, rust water, sulfur smell and odors
Patented high-performance filtration media: KDF-55? (copper-zinc) and Chlorgon? (mineral salts)
Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass
pH balances the water
Sleek designer styling with wider showerhead and 5 spray settings
Offers both stationary and handheld positions
Adjusts to various heights and angles
Increases headroom by 10 inches (great for tall people)
Replaceable/reversible cartridge, lasts 3-6 months (depending on water quality)
Chromed holding bracket that easily attaches to any shower arm without tools
6-ft. duro-flex hose with lightweight, easy-to-grip handle
Perfect for seated showers or bathing children