Clairion Comfort Plus 46-Inch Air Cleaning Ceiling Fan White - WS-1146

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Product Description

These unique, patented Air Cleaner, Ionizer/Ceiling Fans give you all of the comfort and energy-efficiency features of a conventional ceiling fan with the added benefits of cleaner, fresher, filtered air. Electret/Carbon filter cartridges mounted in each blade of the fan literally sweep airborne particles and problem odors right out of the air with every revolution. Dust, smoke particles, pollen and molds as small as 0.1 micron in size are effectively removed..........Quietly! Clairion can help you with your particular home problem: allergies (dust and pollen), Pet odor and dander, Unpleasant cooking odors, Tobacco smoke ... even Nursery odors! And the Clairion fan can fit in most areas of your home or office ... without occupying any precious table or floor space! How the Clairion Clean Air System works for you: Circulation plus Filtration As the Clairion fan rotates some of the air passes right through the fan blade where particles are trapped by an electret filter while odors are adsorbed by the large surface area carbon filter. Filter Technology The electret filter is a true sub-micron filter capable of removing particles as small as 0.1 microns. It is the same kind of filter used in personal respirators in life threatening environments and as a bacteria filter in hospital applications such as respiratory life support systems and operating room surgical masks. Ionization An electronic ion generator located at the center of the fan pre-charges dust particles making them easier to capture by the electrically charged fibers of the electret filter and virtually doubling filtration efficiency. * 46" Air-Cleaning Fan * 5 blade - White * No light kit * Integral multi-pin ionizer * 5 electret/carbon filters * CSA C,US PRODUCT SPECS * Motor:153 x 18 silicon steel * Capacitors: Triple * Blade Pitch: 10.50 * Speeds: 3 Fwd. + Rev. * Lead Wire: 54" * Hanging System: Dual Mount with Cast Bracket & Ball * Downrod: 3/4 Dia. x 4 Long * Balancing Kit: Included * Warranty: 15 Ye