Cleaning Baseball Caps Stain removal using home based cleaning supplies by Stan Halpern, Environmental Cleaning Consultant

Mary Findley, is the creator and owner of the unique "MARY MOPPINS(tm) CLEANING SYSTEM"-100% Made in the USA. Mary brings the magic and innovation to her system from her 12 years experience of professionally cleaning homes.

Baseball and the kids of summer. They roll in mud, test Mom's patience on grass stains and tune in their radar to attract every speck of red clay possible. Change it - never. Clean it - how? This works just as well on any clothes, not just uniforms. As soon as you return from a ballgame, rub on some liquid dish soap and just let it set. Dish soap is a marvelous degreaser and helps to break down the dirt. Rinse it out before washing, or the kids will delight in the newly found bubble machine. To remove what is there: dab on the liquid dish soap and let it set. Then using your dishwashing detergent, pour some on the stain, add a little water to form a paste and gently work into the stain. Don't rub hard or the fibers of the pants will break down. Rinse and fill the sink with cool water and add 1 to 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide. Let that soak for 30 minutes. Most of the stain should be removed. It may take a treatment or two to remove it all. Baseball caps clean easily without loosing their form on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Now for the really stubborn stains, head to the automotive supply store and get a can of "break" cleaner. It's the same stuff professional dry cleaners use to remove stains from clothing. Works great on coffee stains too. Make sure to rinse the baseball cap out.