Combo: Surround Air XJ-2000 Plus XJ-201 Ionic Air

Combo of Surround Air XJ-2000 & XJ-201 Ionic Air Freshener
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Use our our Best selling and Most popular Ionic Air Purifier and Negative Ions Generator, Surround Air XJ-2000 for your living room and XJ-201 Ionic Air Freshener/Purifier with Night Light for your bathroom area and promote healthy living...

XJ-201 Ionic Freshener/Purifier with Night Light is an ideal freshener and odor neutralizer for bathrooms, workstations, pantries, walk-in closets, stairwells and other small spaces. This wholly electronic, compact and elegantly designed Freshener/Purifier generates health beneficial Negative Ions and odor removing ozone, thus transforming the surrounding air into clean, fresh and healthy air...

XJ-201 is a larger, more powerful model than the similar XJ-202 model. Due to this, it is suitable for large size bathrooms and closets.