Combo: Surround Air XJ-2000 Plus XJ-1000 Ionic Air

Combo of Air Purifier XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier & XJ-1000
$99.99USD $84.00USD

Regular $99.99 Special offer ends July 31Excellent Combo deal for two of our best selling units!

Use our Best selling and most popular Ionic Air Purifier and Negative Ions Generator, SurroundAir XJ-2000, for your living room and compact XJ-1000 Ionic Air Purifier model for your bed room or office cubicle.

XJ-1000 Ionic Air Purifier due to its compact size is ideal for small size rooms and office cubicles. This wholly electronic and highly effective Air Purifier generates health beneficial Negative Ions, thus transforming the surrounding air into clean, fresh and healthy air...