Comparing Smoke Eaters versus PureWise Air Purifiers

See how smoke eaters stack up against
IPS Spring Air Purifiers in 5 major categories.

1. Maintenance and Replacement Costs
Smoke eaters are very maintenance intensive. They need to be cleaned frequently. Worse than that though, their filters need to be replaced every few months or so, and they can run a couple hundred dollars or so for a whole set. In contrast, IPS Spring Air purifiers require very little maintenance whatsoever, and do not require any parts to be exchanged or replaced.
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Dear Casey, We had a tough situation with our showroom on the floor above a basement apartment inhabited by an inveterate chain smoker. It got so bad, customers actually refused to purchase some items, or returned others, because of the acrid tobacco smell which permeated everything. We installed your , and it did the trick! The tobacco odor was quickly removed from the entire store. Our customers are sure happier, and so are we! - M.L. Carr, North Carolina

2. Electricity Consumption
Smoke eaters are very expensive to operate. They typically add a couple hundred dollars a year, at the very least, to your electricity bill. IPS Spring Air purifiers, on the other hand, will not significantly impact your electricity expenses. They typically cost about $50 a year in electricity (if run continuously) or less.

I must admit I was skeptical as to how it would perform. I now have to admit that I have been pleasantly surprised. I am a smoker and the has done wonders in keeping the air in my home smelling fresh and clean. Would highly recommend to anyone. - B. Ordille, Florida

3. Noise
Smoke eaters normally have motors in them in an attempt to draw more air through their filters. Unfortunately, these motors can be very loud. The IPS Spring Air purifier emits ozone and negative ions into the air to remove smoke. They only have a small fan to help distribute these powerful air-cleansing agents, and are relatively quiet.

Since purchasing my air purifier, I have been able to enjoy cigar smoking in my pool table room with no after affects. I turn on the PureWise when I light up, and it keeps up with the smoke, and results in no lingering odor whatsoever. - R. Mark, New York

4. Effectiveness
Smoke eaters rely on filters to capture cigarette/cigar/etc. smoke, but even the best filters can only capture a very small percentage of the smoke in the air. In contrast, ozone and negative ions can remove virtually all pollutants from the air, regardless of how small they are, even the microscopic particles that comprise cigarette smoke. Plus, smoke eaters only treat the air that passes through their filters, while the ozone and negative ions emitted by IPS electronic air cleaners are electronically distributed throughout the unit's specified square-footage coverage.

IPS Spring Air purifiers are guaranteed to drastically reduce the smell and toxins from smoke, or your money back!

We wouldn't be without it (). As a matter of fact, when I recently called for reservations at a motel, the only room available was a smoking room which was fine; because I took my PureWise 2000 and it cleaned the air in a few minutes. - D. Cornett, Tennessee

5. Size
Smoke eaters are typically quite large and cumbersome, making it difficult to move them around. IPS Spring Air purifiers weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.

It () really works well. I can even have an occasional cigar and the odor is completely gone the next morning. - M. Demcho, Ohio