Condensate Pump

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Product Description

External Condensate Pump for use with gravity drain dehumidifiers. Up to 15' vertical lift and includes 20 feet of flexible plastic drainage tubing for ease of installation.

Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent!
    Using this unit on my constantly running basement dehumidifier. Took all of 2 seconds to connect and plug in and get running. Has worked inconspicuously with no problems for 3-4 months and I'll never have to empty the water bucket again!!!...more info
  • Pump problem solved.
    I am thrilled with this pump. My new high efficiency furnace produces about 2-3 gallons of condensate water per day and there is not a convenient drain near-by. This pump replaces a 5 gallon bucket with a float pump and creates a mechanically pleasing solution to my waste water removal problem. The price was reasonable and the quality appears to be good. I expect a long service life and the shutoff switch gives me peace of mind in case of failure....more info