Cool Mist and Warm Mist Humidifiers


Your Body Needs Moisture
Your body needs moisture to function properly, but the minute you shut the windows and turn the heat on, you start to reduce the humidity in your home from the optimal level of 40-50 percent down to 20 percent. The result? Dry air, which deprives your lungs and respiratory system of moisture, and makes you susceptible to illness and the common cold. Humidifiers combat this, moisturizing air and creating a healthier, more comfortable environment.

Providing Comfort
Holmes offers all types of humidifiers to suit different preferences. Whether you choose Warm Mist or Cool Mist is a matter of taste. Both effectively raise the humidity level and will make your home more comfortable .

Details Make the Difference
All humidifiers put moisture into the air, but the Holmes difference is the details. Holmes? branded humidifiers have been designed for features that make humidification easy. Many products feature digital programmable humidistats (), filter condition monitor and all of them have Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection built right into the plastic and filter. Microban antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew that may affect key humidifier parts.

A Reminder
Now that the humidifier season is upon us it is important to remember that proper maintenance is necessary to keep your Holmes? unit operating efficiently. Proper maintenance also helps to prevent bacteria growth and the accumulation of minerals that can lead to a risk of leaking and malfunction. Please consult your instruction manual (also available on our website) for these important cleaning instructions, and remember we are always available by email or phone should you have any questions. For assistance, please click on the Customer Service tab.

MICROBAN is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.