Customer Review - Eureka Oxygen Vacuum Cleaner & Dehumidifier by Anonymous

Letter from member:
"I used it from the day I received it, and am I ever pleased with it! My non-wool carpeting and, especially, the wool Orientals are SO clean now that, like that underwear commercial (Hanes, I think?), I feel "good all under." I got kinda cross-eyed watching the sensor light blinking from red to green & vice-versa, but the opthamologist assured me that it was a temporary condition. And I'm sure that in the future, I won't need to pass areas on my carpeting four to five times before the light changes to green, seeing that the first bag filled up with one vacuuming of eighty-five percent of the carpeting. (The other fifteen percent of carpeting is in my husband's office. Six months ago I vowed I would never vacuum or spot clean that (2 year old) carpeting again because he uses the floor as a trash can. Since he thinks he's the "neatest" man in the world and that he "doesn't" throw things on the floor, I decided to allow him to continue his delusionary thoughts--and crack up laughing when his shoe soles get stuck to the carpeting and it becomes necessary for him to call 911 for someone to come with the 'Jaws-of-Life to pull him up... Poor guy would never make it into the NBA....miserable aim.)

Having said all this, I'm already using the extra bag that was supplied, and I am in dire need of bags. Please order the package of 36 bags for $39.95. I don't know if it's safe for me to send my Visa card number via this mail system, so I'll check your site right after sending this off to order online.
Also, I'm very pleased with the dehumidifier. I followed your suggestion to open the door of the crawl-space and place it inside for the first day, and, Wella! in less than 24 hours the musty odor (that almost knocked me off my feet the week prior) was GONE! It's been on continually since that day and that 'baby' is doing its job superbly--the bucket needs emptying every day! Whew! No wonder the Hepa Filters in the air purifier only lasted six to seven months before that 'warning light' lit up. Oy Veigh!
Thank you so much for your time and help. I appreciate your knowledge, pleasant personality and wonderful attitude toward customers -- Bless you, Mary Jo. (big smile)
I'm off to your site now."