DampRid Freshener Packets Pkg/6

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Product Description

With DampRid, it's easy and inexpensive to maintain the freshness of out-of-season clothes, linens, and folded garments. DampRid is a simple and easy to use dehumidifier for enclosed spaces. The natural materials inside the packet draw and absorb moisture. These unique packets have a "one-way" paper side that allows moisture into the packet and keeps it there. The other side is clear and leak-proof to allow you to monitor the contents of the packet: when the blue granules disappear, it's time to replace it. A DampRid Freshener Packet uses silica to protect one cubic foot of sealed space for up to one year. For best results, place the white paper side up in an air-tight container, storage bag, or box. (Opening the container will shorten the product life.) Leaving one in foot lockers, trunks, and luggage will keep them from smelling stale next time they are used. Gym bags and gym lockers aren't musty with the addition of a Damp Rid. Tape one to the lid of your laundry hamper to keep dampness from causing odors. Damp Rid Freshener Packets are also great for keeping moisture from damaging cameras, electronics, tools, guns and rifles, and documents and books.