Dental HG FlexVac Air Purifier by IQAir

Dental HG FlexVac Air Purifier by IQAir
IQAir Dental HG FlexVac Air Purifier

The dentist?s office has its own unique environment with special functions and specific requirements. You and your clients deserve an air purifier designed to meet these particular critical needs. IQAir?s Dental HG FlexVac air purifier rises to the challenge with multilayered filtration customized for contaminants specific to the field of dentistry. Featuring activated carbon and pre- and post-filtration, the HG FlexVac captures mercury vapors, abrasion powder, drill aerosol, and infectious microorganisms, among other airborne contaminants. A flexible suction arm traps pollutants before they can spread, preventing office contamination before it starts. The FlexVac eliminates up to 99% of airborne particles, guaranteeing a safe environment. If only your patients? brushing habits were this reliable!

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Extra Post Filter None (+0.00) Post Filter 260F8 IQ-102501000 (+96.00)

Extra Gas Cartridges None (+0.00) Gas Cartridges P260AC/4-S IQ-102401200 (+480.00)

Extra Pre-Filter None (+0.00) Pre-Filer H11S IQ-102101200 (+68.00)

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Versatile unit specifically designed for the dentist's office
Multilayered filtration controls drill aerosol, mercury vapor, abrasion powder, and more!
Suction duct captures contaminants before they can spread


Unit Weight: 51 lb.
Dimensions: 28"H x 15"W x 16"D
Coverage Area: 900 sq. ft.
Power Requirements: 115 VAC/50-60 Hz.
Max. Energy Consumption: 215 W
6 fan settings
Air Delivery: 35-250 CFM
System Efficiency: 99% or more for 0.3 microns; 95% for smaller particles
1 pre-filter (life: 6-8 months) - DOP 97% high accumulation media 25 sq. ft. area
4 Hg cartridges
Gas phase filter (life: 1-3 years) - approx. 11 lb. of activated carbon
4 post-flter sleeves (life: 1-3 years) - 98% DOP (.3 microns) electrostatic media
Pollutant Filtration: microbiological contaminants, VOC, odors, drill aerosol, abrasion powder, bacteria, viruses, Microorganisms, mercury vapor
2-year warranty including the fan motor
Return Policy: 30 days from date of delivery; please read our Return Policy for more information