Detroit Portable Tank Top Propane Heater model 39

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Product Description

Detroit Portable Tank Top Propane Gas Heater 392 features 16,000of heating power, and can be mounted on any standard 20-lb or larger LPG bottle for heating. This propane heater features a rugged ceramic grid, 100% safety shut off valve, tip over safety switch, thermocouple flame detector, and 2 foot connecting hose. This propane heaters efficiently heats large shop or construction areas. Portable Propane Heater, Heating Power: BTUH 16,000, Fuel Rate: 0.66 lb/hour, Unit Dimension: 4.5"L x13"H x10"W,? Discharge End: 48",? Propane combustion clearance dimensions: 18"/ 18"/ 48".? Heavy Guage Swivel Type Mounting Clamp. 100% Safety Shut-off Valve Tip-over Safety Device. Thermocouple Flame Detector P.O.L. Fitting with Excess Flow Check LP Gas Regulator 2 Feet Connecting Hose Construction: Aluminized Steel and Stainless Steel Reflector Material: Polished Aluminum Application: For Building Construction, Warehouse Operations, Factories, and Loading Docks.

  • No Warm-up time
  • Patented safety tip-over device
  • 16,000BtuH of Heating Power
  • 100% Safety Shut-off Valve Tip-over Safety Device
  • Fuel Rate: 0.66 lb/hour