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  • serious scent
    I stage homes for a living and this is the first time I have tried this product. The client had two old dogs, and even though the house showed very well, the dog smell when you entered the home was overwhelming, (to the point that buyers would walk in and not want to look through the house). I was hoping this product would be the answer, but the odor must have been so imbeded in the carpets that it was untreatable. I do know that enzymes are the best way to treat odors, but this time, this product did not work. I would still try it again on another home, just think this was an awful case. ...more info
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Product Description

Using PureAyre, you never need any chemicals that simply mask odors. No more chemicals and no more odors!!! You can eliminate odors everywhere you go: in the car, hotels, work, school, bathrooms, kitchens, lockers, gym bags, etc. and everywhere you can think of! Eliminate every odor including the worst: Cat Urine and Skunk!

  • The world's FIRST 100% "Food-Grade" Safe Odor Eliminator
  • All-Purpose Odor Eliminator Made Only From Natural Food-Type Ingredients
  • Safe Enough To Spray Directly ON People & Pets
  • Safe For Allergies, Asthma & Chemical Sensitivities