Elanra Portable Air Ioniser

Elanra Portable Air Ioniser
Bringing health benefits and protecting users from unhealthy, dirty air wherever they go, including Aircraft, Cars, Trucks, Hotels and Offices. Suitable for use worldwide. Will run on mains or battery.

Take Natures Air With You
Long distance travel ?C whether by road, rail, sea or air can be the most trying aspect of holidays and business trips. Hours spent standing in queues or sitting in departure lounges, tiring driving conditions, air-conditioned vehicles and accommodation, pressurised aircraft, plus the inevitable jet lag afterwards, can all take their toll. Imagine being able to overcome all these problems simply by flicking a switch. Travel would become the pleasure it should be, and you'd arrive at your destination refreshed and in good spirits

A World First
Following four years of research and development, Bionic Products has launched the worlds first multi-use portable ioniser. This amazing device is very versatile and can truly be used at any time, anywhere.
Operates from vehicles electrical supply.

Operates from any mains power in the world - 90 to 250 VAC.

Utilises internal 9V battery, where power is not available.
Affordably Priced
The Elanra Portable is competitively and affordable priced. Inventor Joshua Shaw and his team of design experts have thought of everything. Their concept of an ioniser that can be used anywhere, is supplied with all the necessary accessories. A 9V Duracell battery, and a spare set of needles are also included.
32 Ionisers For The Price Of One
Having an advanced microprocessor incorporated in the circuit, the portable can be easily programmed for ion output and a range of frequencies which include, 4hz, 7.83hz, 8hz, 10hz, 16hz, 25hz, 32hz, and 40hz.
The microprocessor program also alerts the user when it is time to replace the precisely machined ionising needles, by changing the indicator light from green to orange giving the user 10 additional days to mail their needle re-order form. The indicator light also alerts to low battery level and diagnostics.
In your car
Provision has been made for the ioniser to clip onto a specially designed stand which is positioned on the dashboard or the rear shelf of the vehicle. The Portable can be easily dismounted for use, utilizing the internal 9V battery or mains power.
This portability gives drivers the freedom to travel anywhere they desire. Stop over in a luxury hotel, pitch a tent by the roadside, all the while enjoying the benefits of breathing the air that nature intended.
In Your Truck or Taxi
It has been known for decades that drivers, particularly those covering long distances, faced special hazards. While most people believe that boredom and hours of concentrating are the causes of driver fatigue, but there is actually a more subtle influence at work.
The closed environment in a motor vehicle means the driver is breathing in a mixture of stale, low-oxygen air and traffic fumes. This atmosphere is already depleted of negative ions, but the conditions are exaggerated by the vehicle's air conditioning and the discharges from the electrical system.
Adding to this, is the "Farady Cage" effect. Caused by the friction of the air over the vehicle's chassis, a build up of positive ions is produced and can cause;
- Drowsiness.
- Road Accidents

- Reduction in reflex action
- Road Rage

- Loss of concentration.
- Loss of Driver co-ordination

Which puts you, your passengers, and all road users at risk.
Reports from Japan, USA, Hungary and GB support these findings.
To support these theories, Bionic Products enlisted the help of a group of long distance truck drivers who covered an average of 3,120 kilometre's per week. They were supplied with prototype mobile ionisers and asked to fill out a questionnaires over several weeks.
The results are as follows;
Reported an increase in alertness while driving

Said they slept better and deeper during breaks
(spent in the truck's cabin)

Reported less irritability

Said their truck seemed cleaner and fresher
On board Aircraft
The Elanra Portable is of particular value to international travellers. It can be used on aircraft to help counteract some of the unpleasant consequences of flying.
Flying has been known to cause various health problems among travellers. These include, headaches, colds and flu, respiratory problems, Jetlag, and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).
Breathing the negative ions of oxygen generated by your Elanra Portable ensures that your flight will be a pleasant experience.
Technical Specifications
32 Individual user friendly settings.
Ozone Emission
Less than 0.005 part per million ozone at 50mm from the needles.
168mm Wide x 37mm High x 120mm Depth
6.6" Wide x 1.45" High x 4.72" Depth
Therapeutic Range
1 meter (3 ft)
Air Cleaning Capability
25 sq.m. (272 sq.ft)
Extreme care has been taken to use materials that are non-allergenic.
Replaceable, and are developed from special alloys.
Power Sources

90V - 250V AC Mains Power - 50/60hz

12V DC External Power Source

9V Internal Duracell Battery
Included Accessories
1 x
Switch mode power supply

1 x
IEC Mains Power Cord