Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrolux 510A electrostatic air cleaner ratings, reviews and comparisons on air cleaners. These stylish and efficient air cleaners offer 3 stage filtration including 2 pre-filters, a main electrostatic filter, and carbon filter for light household odor and smoke removal. Reports by consumer experts.
These Electrolux 510A electrostatic air cleaners efficiently clean the air in up to a 710 sq. ft room and improve indoor air quality using electrostatic technology. This air cleaner is quiet, has easy to replace filters, and is very efficient at capturing up to 99.3% of all dust and allergen particles on low speed based on in house test results. Features include 3 stage filtration including 2 permanent pre-filters, an electrostatic main filter, and carbon filter for household odor removal. Unique to these units is the automatic mode that adjusts the fan speed to the noise level in the room. For ease of use, there are indicators on the air cleaner display panel that show when to clean and replace the air filters, air quality, and fan speed.

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Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaners are ideal for someone who...

  • Wants to reduce airborne particles, allergens, and odors such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and smoke
  • Needs a lightweight air purifier that can easily be carried from room to room
  • Wants an easy to use air cleaner with automatic settings
  • Wants electronic display to show when to change and clean the filters
  • Has a room up to 710 sq. ft. in a home, condo, office or apartment who needs clean air circulated indoors

Features of Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrolux 510A Air Cleaner Features & Accessories

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Air cleaner panel display

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vacuum bag installation

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easy to use controls with 3 manual fan speeds, 2 automatic settings

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easy filter changes

  • Effective in improving indoor air quality: The fan draws the air into the back of the unit where 2 pre-filters trap the larger dust particles. The air then enters an internal ionization chamber and smaller particles are charged with positive ions. These charged particles are drawn to the negatively charged filter plates in the following chamber.
  • Easy to understand indicator lights on panel display: Dust, noise and filter sensors automatically tells the level of filtration needed, and when it's time to clean and replace the electrostatic filter. The sensors monitor the quality of the air, and the green smiley face illuminates when the air is clean.
  • Effortless automatic filtration: Automatic controls adjust the work pace to the air quality or noise level in the room, removing the hassle of adjusting the air cleaner.
  • Whisper quiet operation: Thanks to its design with open filter plates and a quiet yet powerful fan, the air cleaner is only 31 decibels at bedroom mode. Also, the sound sensor mode allows the air cleaner to automatically adjust to the noise level without disturbing those in the room. It will work harder in noisier surroundings to maximize cleaning, and automatically adjust to a lower setting when the room is quiet.
  • Low energy consumption: The Electrolux air cleaner consumes less energy than a light bulb (20-70W)
  • Active carbon filter reduces household odors: Helps to reduce odors, such as those caused by smoke and cooking, from the air
  • 3 stage filtration:
    - 2 pre-filters which remove large particles such as strands of hair
    - Main electrostatic filter removes smaller particles such as pollen, dust, and mildew spores
    - Carbon filter which reduces the amount of gases and odor in the air such as tobacco smoke
  • Do it yourself maintenance: Vacuum the permanent pre-filters every 2 months or more often for sensitive individuals. Vacuum the electrostatic main filter every 2 months and replace once a year or more if necessary or when the indicator lights up. Replace the carbon filter every 3 - 6 months if desired, or don't replace if not needed since the air cleaner runs without it.
  • Easy carry handle: Carrying the air cleaner is made easier with less strain on your body thanks to a built in handle on the back of the unit
  • Extra corona wire included: The corona wire creates an electrical charge on the dirt particles; these particles are attracted to the oppositely charged main filter
  • Built in excess power cord holder: a built in crevice in the back of the air cleaner holds any excess length of unused power cord

Technical specifications of Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrolux Air Cleaner Models

Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaners
(Model number Z7040)

Air purification area
up to 710 sq ft

Display panel on air purifier
electronic display - monitors and displays air quality and has filter change and filter clean indicators

Installation options of air purifiers

Air Purifier filters included
2 permanent pre-filters, 1 electrostatic filter, 1 carbon filter

Air cleaner filter life (based on continuous use)

pre-filter - permanent (washable)
electrostatic filter - 1 yr. (part EF 100)
carbon filter - 3-6 mos. (part EF 101)

Finish & Color
Titanium Gray - plastic casing with brushed chrome dial and black electronic display

19" h x 19" w x 12.5" d

Air cleaner weight
18.2 lbs

Power cord length

Air cleaner control type
Fan speed knob, and electric button for filter indicator reset

"Replace Filter" Indicator

Fan speeds of air cleaners
5 settings - auto sound, auto filtration, 1-low, 2-medium, 3-high

Air cleaners warranty

5 years for fan motor; 1 year warranty on all other components to be free from defects under normal household use; excludes parts such as filters and corona wires that require replacement under normal use

Reports by consumer experts on Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Courtesy of Allergy Buyers Club.com

More Air Cleaner Features

Filtration process begins with 2 permanent pre-filters

Built in carry handle on back for easy transport

air intake in back of air cleaner

clean air exhausts from the top of air cleaner

Variable brush roll speeds on the handle
to clean all types of carpeting with ease.

The Electrolux air cleaner test results did not disappoint. This unit was tested over a 40-day period. With new filters, the particle count efficiency was 99.3% on speed 1; 93.2 for speed 2; 75.6 on speed 3. The average particle count efficiency is 89.4%.

The air cleaner was re-tested on day 40 for efficiency and the results were encouraging: 99.0 on speed 1; 93.8% on speed 2; and 66.1% on speed 3. The average particle count efficiency was 86.3% after running the unit for 40 days. The only noticeable reduction of efficiency was a 12.6% decrease on speed 3.

  • Has built-in indicator lights: Reminds owner that the filters need to be cleaned or replaced
  • Air cleaner is quiet: Almost silent on low speed, quiet on medium speed and noticeably louder on high speed but not as noisy as other units on high.
  • Easy access: for cleaning or replacing filters
  • Quiet fan setting: This mode regulates the speed of the fan based upon the noise in the room; the fan will speed up when the sensor detects noise in the room, and slow down when it is quiet to not disturb the peace.
  • Contains an air quality sensor: Allows the air cleaner to adjust the speeds based upon the contaminate level in the room
  • Spare parts included: An additional corona wire is included
  • Lightweight: Makes this air cleaner easy to carry
  • Attractive exterior: Electrolux gave this air cleaner modern styling with a titanium gray color and a chrome knob that can blend into any environment, and kept the unit value-priced
  • Efficient air filtration: Overall, this unit is a very efficient air cleaner considering that it is not a true HEPA-type air cleaner.
  • Odor free: There was no discernable evidence of an ozone smell


  • The accompanying air cleaner manual is not easy to understand
  • Pre-filters will collect only very large-sized particles but it is a nice feature to have a pre-filter in an electrostatic air cleaner
  • The electrostatic filter has an odor when new but the smell dissipated after running the air cleaner constantly on high for a few days
  • The unit is considered high maintenance since an owner will have to:
    - clean the filters regularly (every two months or when indicator light is displayed)
    - replace the carbon pre-filter every three - six months, however it is okay to run the unit without this filter if not needed
    - replace the electrostatic filter once a year depending upon how frequently the unit is used
  • This unit is not recommended for removal of high concentration of gases and odors since there is only a small amount of carbon in the filter
  • Not recommended for those with multiple chemical sensitivities


The Electrolux air cleaner is value priced for the highly efficient air filtration that it provides. It is lightweight, attractive, and has user friendly indicator lights to take the guesswork out of when to replace or clean the air cleaner, which is greatly appreciated.

Best Information About Air Purifiers

Warranty: 5 years for fan motor; 1 year warranty on all other components to be free from defects under normal household use; excludes parts such as filters and corona wires that require replacement under normal use

Electrolux 510A Electrostatic Air Cleaner

EU AP 510A

Electrolux electrostatic air cleaners include 2 permanent pre-filters, 1 electrostatic filter, 1 carbon filter, and 2 corona wires.

Electrolux Electrostatic Air Filter


Replace filter once a year or as needed when indicated on air cleaner display.

Electrolux Air Cleaner Carbon Filter


Replace carbon filter every 3-6 months or as needed when indicated on air cleaner display.