Electrolux Air Purifier

Electrolux Electrolux Air Purifier:
The Electrolux Air Cleaner is a new, powerful, effective and quiet weapon against airborne contaminants in the home. Electrolux introduced this new electrostatic air cleaner in Europe in 2001. Since then, it has been helping families there improve the air quality in their homes by reducing those allergens and particles in the air that can trigger breathing difficulties. Now this patented electrostatic technology is available to consumers in North America. The Electrolux Air Cleaner uses a large fan to draw the air into the unit. A preliminary filter traps the large particles before the air enters an internal ionization chamber where air borne particles are charged with positive ions. The positively charged particles are drawn to the negatively charged filter plates in the following chamber. The open structure of the filter plates allows for a silent flow of clean air. The end result is a highly efficient, extremely quiet air cleaner with a superior CADR rating over traditional tightly woven HEPA filter units. The Electrolux Air Cleaner is equipped with automatic control functions which eliminate any questions regarding the quality of the air. In the dust sensor mode, the air cleaner itself adjusts its work pace according to the quality of the air. The display monitors the improvement. In addition, this unit is equipped with a sound sensor mode, allowing the air cleaner to work harder in noisier surroundings in order to maximize the cleaning of air without disturbing you. In quieter surroundings, it will adjust automatically to a quieter setting. Additionally, functions of the unit are easily checked on its electronic display. With research increasingly pointing to the need for better indoor air quality in homes to reduce asthma and allergy triggers, the Electrolux AirCleaner can be a quiet and effective tool to maintain a healthy home. (Sku: #389738)