Electrolux Trilobite EL520A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners clean hard floors and carpet without supervision. The robot vacuum cleaner navigates using ultrasound. The sonar that emits the ultrasound vibrates at a rate of 60,000Hz and is coated with thin gold plate for best performance.

How Robotic Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Avoid Collision

The Electrolux Trilobite robot vacuum cleaner has no problem avoiding collision with things placed on the floor°™the dog's water bowl, for example. Special magnetic strips can be placed in doorways and other openings. These act as a wall, keeping the Trilobite automatic vacuum in the room. The machine contains sophisticated electronics and four motors°™one for each driven wheel, one for the brush and one for the vacuum.

How Robotic Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Avoid Stairs

Automatic Stair Sensor°™the Trilobite automatic vacuum contains a built-in infrared stair sensor helping it avoid falling down stairs without the need for magnetic strips or "virtual walls."

The Trilobite can also find its own way back to the charger. On a full charge, the machine can clean for 60 minutes.

  • Bright red color; 3 cleaning modes; reusable dust box; LCD display
  • 90 watts; vacuums for approximately 60 minutes on 1 charge
  • Automatically returns to charging station, recharges, then resumes cleaning
  • Dimensions: 14" by 5"
  • Weight: 11 pounds
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    • Includes 2 internal battery packs