Electronic Furnace Filter and Air Filters Changing home air filters and furnace filters in a house


Given it is now the heating season, my husband and I had a spurt of doing chores last weekend. One of them was changing air filters.

We first changed the IQair air purifier pre-filter, as the red light was blinking at us. We did not have a manual at home and I am proud to report that even my husband who is totally fumble-fingered, managed to change the filter his very first time in less than 5 minutes. No screwdrivers were involved. He was very proud of himself. The pre-filter we removed had an unbelievable amount of stuff in it; full of cat hair like a vacuum cleaner bag. Unbelievably filthy, a testament to its doing its job.

We then hosed down the Guardian furnace filter in the back yard, the filter was relatively clean unlike the six Guardian filters at the office, which took hosing down for over five minutes in order to run clean (our office is in a much more polluted area). We also have another filter, the Airscreen 500 furnace filter at the main return of the house, which was covered again with cat hair, showing once again, the main sources of air pollution were indoors and not outdoors. At least one can say the furnace filters are doing their job!