Electrostatic Furnace Filter and Air Conditioning Filter Advantages Filter for air conditioner and electronic furnace filters review by Gary McEldowney,

Editor's note: This is the furnace filter I chose to put in my own home and the reduction of dust in the last 2 months is really remarkable. Given that experience we chose to also put them to filter the outside air at our own offices.

Cleaning the air in your home will reduce the allergens and pollutants you and your family breathe in. While a HEPA air purifier is an excellent device for removing harmful particles from the air cleaners C an often neglected product that can have remarkable results is a furnace filter.
Not only do furnace filters help with the air quality in a home, they can also effectively cut dusting by as much as 50% and cut your energy bill by almost 15%. Carpets, draperies, walls, windows and upholstery will stay cleaner longer.
However, there are a lot of furnace and air conditioner filters on the market that do not do an adequate job of filtering out particles from the air. Unfortunately, the standard disposable filters that are typically sold at home centers and hardware stores trap only 10-15% of the very small allergy causing particles in your home such as pollen, pet dander, mold, and lint. Some expensive disposable furnace filters can even damage your HVAC with excessive airflow restriction causing the motor to work harder.
An on the other hand uses the natural friction of air flowing through the filter to create a static charge to attract and trap most particles in the air. This type of filter can catch up to 80% of the harmful particles in your home to result in cleaner air without using additional electricity. Electronic air cleaners are often criticized for producing harmful ozone emissions due to the high voltage of electricity they use.
The we offer at Allergy Buyers Club is one of the best electrostatic furnace filter we have reviewed. The Guardian not only works well, but it is also easily removable, washable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, this furnace filter does not emit harmful ozone emissions.
Keep in mind that a can only do part of the job you need to purify the air in your house. An electrostatic furnace filter is not the most effective product for smoke removal either. It will not impact dust mites or cat allergies, for which you need a room HEPA filter. However, a good electrostatic furnace filter like the Guardian should be an essential part of your air-cleaning arsenal. $179.95 (Custom sizes are available for $199.95).
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