Environmental Treatment Travel Kit

Mold Reduction System
Research has shown that mold is the primary cause of Chronic Sinusitis. This Environmental Treatment Travel Kit is part of a Mold Reduction Protocol developed by Dr. Donald P. Dennis, M.D. The kit consists of several components designed to work together to reduce airborne mold when traveling:

1. The Wein 150mm Personal Ionizer is the first ever wearable air purifier. No bigger than a small pager, this lithium battery operated unit propels clean, fresh air into your breathing zone using a corona discharge technology.More Information

2. The Wein VI-2500 Room Ionizer silently eliminates harmful contaminants. University studies as well as independent lab tests indicate that this ionic air purifier can nearly eliminate mold from the air you breathe. NOTE: Please do not use this product in conjunction with the CitriSafe Air Treatment Solution. More Information

3. A SatinSoft Supreme Standard Pillow Encasing protects you from mold as well as dust mite allergens in the pillow. Utilizing a microfiber technology, you get a lightweight, incredibly soft and breathable encasing. The result is supreme comfort and perfect protection all without the use of plastics. More Information

4. The Vent Filtration Kit is a simple and basic environmental control. A high-grade polyester filters dust and mold coming out of the duct work. To install, simply cut the filters to the size of the incoming air vents. More Information

5. Just a few quick sprays of goodmorning Purifying Solution every day on the above vent filter will help eliminate mold from coming into a room. Quart bottle with sprayer. More Information