Exclusive Neoair Advanced Air Purifier with 5-stage Air Filtration

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Product Description

The Neoair Enviro 68108 is a new home air purifier concept that features the cutting edge of 5 different air cleaning technologies all combined in a sharp compact design. Whether you want to remove dust and pollen from the bedroom, drastically reduce cigarette smoke from the den, or rid the baby's room of diaper pail odors, the Neoair Enviro can handle all your needs. Every room is full of potentially harmful airborne pollutants; most are virtually invisible to the naked eye but still extremely tough on our health. The Enviro 68108 advanced features can automatically detect and drastically reduce them, helping you and your family live more comfortably. It features the same filtration technology that it is used in laboratories and clean rooms. It combines 5 different air cleaning technologies. Stage 1 Pre-screening filter, Stage 2 HEPA filter., Stage 3 Activated Carbon Filter, Stage 4 Advanced OFS Filter and Stage 5 Negative Ionic Discharger system. It exclusive features the new O.F.S. filter technology. Most filters only capture bacteria, acting like flypaper for the microscopic organisms. But the advanced O.F.S. filter would not only snare bacteria but kill it as well. The O.F.S. filters are soaked in a special neutral and non-irritating organic solution. The compound bonds with the filter media and starts a chemical reaction that destroys certain bacteria trapped on the surface within time after contact. In environments like hospitals or laboratories, where cleanliness and sterility are crucial, the new O.F.S. filter technology is an invaluable tool in fighting the spread of disease and infection. Independent test results conducted by the CHN Center for Disease Control and Prevention institute for Environmental Health and Related product Safety shows that the O.F.S. filter killed 97.7% airborne bacterium in a mid size room after 6 hours of operation.

  • Advanced air purifier with 5 Stages Air Filtration System. Includes 2 Years of FREE replacement filters.
  • Exclusive O.F.S. Filter. Test results prove that the O.F.S. filter can kill up to 97.7% airborne bacterium in a room after 6 hours of operation.
  • Proven to Reduce Airborne Allergens, Bacteria and Germs, Asthma Trigging Irritants, Mold and Mildew, Dust Mites, Pet Dander, Foul Odors, Tobacco Smoke and more
  • A built in air pollution sensor has been strategically integrated to detect the severity and concentration of indoor air pollutants
  • Quite Operation, Multi-function digital display, 3 fan speed, HEPA replacement filter indicator, Remote Control