EzAire ID Air Purifier your Whole House Solution

EzAire ID Air Purifier your Whole House Solution

throughout your home, amplifying the effectiveness of your existing EzAire air purification units and improving the quality of air passing through your HVAC system.

EzAire ID features:

Space Technology which incorporates the same process NASA uses to scrub the air inside their spacecraft.

Germicidal broad spectrum high-intensity UV lamp.

A specially engineered matrix with a patent-pending proprietary multi-metallic coating.

An exclusive design engineered to work in conjunction with EzAire 3000, EzAireAT all other EzAire products.

Your Ultimate Solution for Cleaner Air

The EzAire ID uses RGF based Advanced Technology - the same technology built into products like EzAire 3000, EzAireAT, EzAireUV, EzAire On The Go.

EzAire ID takes advantage of the germicidal and ionization properties of UV and combines them with photo-catalytic reactions of specific rare and noble metals to create technologies surpassed by no one. This innovative use of light and metals is what makes EzAire ID so effective.

Enhanced Whole-Home Air Purification

Enhance the power of EzAire 3000 and EzAireAT throughout your entire home! The EzAire ID amplifies the extraordinary benefits of our air purification systems, using your HVAC system fan to distribute those benefits where you need them most. From the basement to the attic, even if you've already got an air purifier, each room will be fresher and every air purifier more effective.

You can try PureAirMan's EzAire 3000 for yourself with no risk or worry a 30 day money back guarantee to prove it works for you. Five million satisfied customers are already experiencing the benefits of our legendary technology at home and at work,
and like them, we're sure you'll be impressed.


? Low Level O3 Production: 0.04 ppm max
? Hydro-peroxides distribution: air handler/p;
? Super Oxide Ion distribution: air handler
? Ion distribution: air handler
? Installation: Duct or Plenum
? Electrical: 110 VAC 60 Hz
(50-90 Watts)
? Warranty: 3 year parts & labor
(1 year on Cell)
? Cell Replacement: Recommended every 3 years

Frequently Asked Questions
Why does EzAire ID literature show installation after the heat exchanger and cooling coils. Wouldn't it be more effective in the cold return air where it can impact the cooling coils?
There are two reasons:
1. One of the primary oxidizers produced by the Cell is Hydro Peroxide, or a vapor of Hydrogen Peroxide. When this gas comes into contact with water, the Hydro Peroxide is absorbed. Since the AC coils are dripping with water when the compressor is running (during the cooling cycle), you end up creating a weaker solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. This means the EzAire ID will be slightly less effective.

2. EzAire ID is new technology, and not readily understood by the majority of HVAC manufacturers. If a problem arises with your furnace or air conditioner, it becomes easy for EzAire ID to be blamed. The reality is that EzAire ID will only help your HVAC system, by reducing mold and bacteria on the cooling coils.

In some cases the HVAC System is configured with the furnace, AC Coils and distribution box where flexible duct is connected all stacked one after the other. In this case there is no location where the EzAire ID can be installed without a disrupting air flow and still reach the entire home or office. In these instances there is little choice but to install EzAire ID in the return air duct.
Some HVAC Installers say that High-Intensity UV lamps can damage older ducts made of non-UV resistant materials. Is this true?

Some older Heating/Air installations have ducts which could be damaged by direct high-intensity UV exposure, such as typical germicidal UV lamps. The good news is that EzAire ID is a system, comprised of a UV lamp plus a catalytic target. The Cell surrounds the UV bulb in order to interact, creating the catalytic reaction. This target prevents the high intensity UV light from potentially damaging older ducts.
Is there a temperature limit for EzAire ID?

Yes. Some older Gas or Oil forced air furnaces can actually reach temperatures which exceed the maximum temperature limit of EzAire ID. High temperatures reduce the effectiveness of the system and in worst cases, can potentially damage the EzAire ID target material and lamp. This limit is 150 degrees F. If you are unsure of the temperature where you plan on installing the unit, use an oven thermometer to take a reading. If the temperature exceeds 150F, place the unit either further down the duct or on the return air side.

HVAC Installers have been using UV lamps to keep mold and bacteria from growing on the A/C Coils - does EzAire ID do the same thing?

UV lamps are good at reducing mold and bacteria, but they must be positioned within six inches to be effective. It is strictly line-of-sight. EzAire ID is also very effective at reducing mold and bacteria but for a very different reasons. Both use UV, but the EzAire ID UV lamp is part of a Catalytic System which creates multiple friendly oxidizers. EzAire ID doesn't need to be within six inches of the coils to reduce mold and bacteria. EzAire ID doesn't need to have the air pass within six inches to be effective as a germicidal.
EzAire ID's Oxidizers flow out from the unit "scrubing" the air, reducing mold and bacteria from the cooling coils, regardless of whether the unit is installed in the outlet of the furnace or in the return air duct.

Why doesn't EzAire ID require regular cleanings?

EzAire ID has natural ionization which takes place near the lamp. These ions repel dirt to keep the lamp and target free from dirt in normal conditions.

How large an area can an EzAire ID cover?

EzAire ID is rated for up to 3000 square feet. As a general rule for residential use, install one EzAire ID in each Heating/Air system. A typical 3 Ton heat pump will heat/cool 2000 square feet so one EzAire ID per unit is ideal. Unlike our EzAire 3000, EzAire ID isn't sized for a specific square footage. The Oxidizing Gases migrate throughout the living space to clean the air. The larger the space, the longer the process takes, and the longer it will take to treat new contaminates which continually come into the home. EzAire ID is not recommended for homes of less than 700 square feet.
EzAire ID is described as an Enhancer for the EzAire 3000 home purifier. Why?

EzAire ID is a powerful "whole-home" purifier, working day and night, continuously cleaning a home or office wherever the duct work goes, but it doesn't have two important technologies:

1. Ionization - providing particulate removal using both Negative Needle Point Ionization and RF Ionization (alternating positive and negative ionization). Fresh Air by EcoQuest? has a powerful Ionizer, providing over 1.5M Ions/cu cm.

2. Adjustable Ozone Output - providing the ability to quickly and effectively reduce odors like cigarette smoke or cooked fish or burnt toast.
Does the EzAire ID use ionization to drop particulate from the air?

No, the EzAire ID is not dropping particulate from the air. This is another reason for using the EzAire ID in combination with a residential model.
Can you replace only the UVX lamp and not replace the entire cell?

No, the bulb is not sold separately. The bulb is inside of the cell and is not a replaceable part. It is also a good idea to replace the quad-metallic coating as it becomes discolored after three years and also degrades over time.
Can other IAQ technologies be used in conjunction with EzAire ID?

Yes, HEPA, ElectroStatic and Electronic Filters that we carry as well, may be used if desired. They are a great way to trap particles from the air which is independent of the air purification capabilities of the EzAire ID.